Pete the Monkey - The Project
Saving monkeys through viral videos

Pete the Monkey is a cult figure of the ape world. He first shot to fame when a YouTube video of him washing the dishes became an international web sensation.

Pete was living at a monkey sanctuary in El Chapar, Bolivia, after being rescued from captivity. He was not the prettiest monkey and was not very popular with the ladies, so he usually just ended up doing the babysitting.

One day Pete was intently watching Louis as he washed the dishes in the stream. Suddenly, Pete came over and took over the job, scrubbing and rinsing the dishes himself, with Baby Pea (who he was babysitting at the time) still clinging to his back!

Together with the monkeys we have created a unique project to fund the rescue and rehabilitation of capuchin monkeys like Pete... Follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google+.

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